What Are Colocation Services And Why Should I Consider Them For My Seattle Business?

Seattle IT Services’ Colocation Services let you leverage the power of our robust infrastructure by placing your servers directly within one of our secure data centers. This provides your small business an IT system that is more secure, reliable and cost-effective so you can attain a competitive edge against larger companies.

The Benefits of Seattle IT Services’ Colocation Services

Reliable High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Colocation Services provide you fast and reliable access to the Internet for all your web application. Plus with direct access to Seattle IT Services’ redundant Internet Backbone you’ll benefit from enhanced reliability and security.

Our Internet Backbone features a conglomerate of multiple networks, routing facilities and servers. Should unforeseen circumstances cause one or more networks to fail, your online operations will remain intact, allowing your business to function normally.

Substantial Cost Savings

When you locate your equipment in one of Seattle IT Services’ secure data centers you save money you would otherwise have to spend to build and maintain your own infrastructure. This lowers your overhead costs, frees your business resources for other needs, and lets you invest in more growth-related initiatives.


You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your Internet operations are totally secure. Seattle IT Services offers total access to your server, an uninterruptible power supply, fire suppression system, 24/7 security, video surveillance, key card computer-controlled access, fully-enclosed cabinets with locking doors and a redundant generator backup.

Additional Options

rm-cubed Services

RM3 Services are ideal for servers that require monitoring and 24/7 service response for critical Internet services. They include monitoring for all data endpoints and one hour per month of administrative assistance during normal business hours.

rm-cubed Priority Services

RM3 Gold Services are ideal for servers that require monitoring and 24/7 service for more complex critical Internet servers. They include monitoring for all service/data points, Operating System patch maintenance and four hours per month of administrative assistance.

Improve your ability to compete with larger businesses with Seattle IT Services’ Colocation Services. For a more in-depth explanation contact one of our Colocation Experts in Seattle by calling (206) 651-3000 or emailing: sales@seattleitservices.com

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“We service the world, we are selling on 6 different continents and it’s a 24×7 business, that means the tools and the IT infrastructure have to be in place all the time for us to service our customers… …Seattle IT Services has earned our confidence, and our trust, so I’d recommend Mark and Seattle IT Services and his staff whole heartedly and without reservation.

—Mark Chamberlain
LKD Aerospace
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