Secured And Reliable Data Backup Services Are Vital To Your Seattle Business

Your data is the life’s blood of your business. If you lost it your business and livelihood would be at risk.  Most businesses that lose their data for any reason end up closing their doors within six months. Data Backup Services are vital to the survival of your business.

Seattle IT Services’ eSureIT Online, Encrypted Backup Solution:

  • Encrypts and protects each of your files.
  • Continually and automatically backs up your data throughout each day.
  • Safeguards your entire IT system including data and email in transit and storage
  • Stores your data in our 24/7 secure offsite data centers. *
  • Provides state-of-the art protection against viruses and malware.
  • Assures you can always access your information easily from our dedicated servers.
  • Gets you up and running quickly after a disaster strikes.

*Your data is stored (in encrypted form) in two, Tier-4, SAS70 Type 2 certified, online data backup centers, located hundreds of miles apart from each other. Each data center has 24/7 monitoring and advanced security measures including biometric controlled access, backup generators, and redundant connections to the Internet.

More info for all you “techies.”

Ease of Use

  • Automatic – Backups begin automatically according to a user-defined schedule.
  • Off-Site – All backups are sent to Intronis’ servers in secure off-site locations.
  • Custom Schedules – Backups can be scheduled to run as often as preferred.
  • Scalable – eSureIT scales with you. You will not have the expense of new hardware when your storage needs grow.
  • Unlimited Backup Sets – Create multiple backup sets each with their own schedule and retention setting.
  • Restore Files 24/7 – Get back a single file or recover your entire system whenever you need.
  • Scripted Setup – eSureIT can be installed according to a setup script on multi-computer installations.
  • Remote Management – Manage multiple eSureIT installations from one computer on your network.


  • Multiple Off-Site Locations – Data is sent and stored in two redundant data centers located 500 miles apart.
  • 256-bit AES Encryption – Files are encrypted using a unique 256-bit AES encryption key known only to the user.
  • 128-bit SSL Transmission – Files are transmitted to the Intronis servers over a 128-bit SSL connection.
  • Detailed Logs & Reports – eSureIT maintains detailed logs and provides a robust reporting system for viewing.
  • Email Notifications – Automatically get notified when a backup completes.


  • IntellibloxTM – Only the blocks of data that have changed need to be uploaded to the Intronis servers and this is automatic.
  • Open & Locked File Support – Seamlessly backup files while they are open and in use.
  • Multiple Revisions – Choose to keep as many versions of older files as necessary.
  • Large File Support – Backup files of any size including multi-gigabyte files.
  • Command Line Interface – Use the full suite of eSureIT features from the command line.
  • Mapped Drive Support – Backup multiple computers from one eSureIT installation.
  • Bandwidth throttling – Limit the amount of bandwidth used for backups according to your schedule.


  • MS Exchange plugin – Backup a live MS Exchange Server. Restore the entire database or select individual messages.
  • MS SQL plugin – Backup MS SQL Server databases.
  • Before/After/During plugin – eSureIT can perform actions and run scripts before, after or during a backup.

Don’t worry.  We’ll take care of everything.  All you really need to know is that no matter how small your business, you need secure, offsite data backups for the health and longevity of your company.

For more information contact Seattle IT Services’ Data Backup Experts in Seattle at:  (206) 651-3000 or email us at: We’ll explain all of this in simple terms for you and your staff.

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“We service the world, we are selling on 6 different continents and it’s a 24×7 business, that means the tools and the IT infrastructure have to be in place all the time for us to service our customers… …Seattle IT Services has earned our confidence, and our trust, so I’d recommend Mark and Seattle IT Services and his staff whole heartedly and without reservation.

—Mark Chamberlain
LKD Aerospace
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