Deferred IT Maintenance Will Cost You In The End.

If you’ve been trying to save money by putting “Band-Aids” on your IT network at some point the “wound” will start to fester and get infected.  In other words, you are simply making things worse and risking the health of your business.

Aging IT systems cost businesses in money, time and their good reputation. When IT ages it’s vulnerable to viruses, cyber theft and downtimes.  Any one of these can spell disaster for a company, or even the end of it.

Your IT Network Needs Regularly Scheduled Maintenance (RSM).

You wouldn’t risk the safety of your family by taking them on a cross-country trip in an aging car that hasn’t been maintained. You’re doing the same with your business and risking its safety when you neglect to keep your IT system in good operating order.

RSM provides cost savings on network management, maintenance, and support services. This equates to cost savings for your business.  With a network that’s protected against Malware and cyber theft, and runs at peak performance, you’ve added value to your business and saved it from a “break down.”

RSM visits from Seattle IT Services provide preventive care that reduces the cost of long-term network problems. Potential issues are resolved before they affect your company’s operations.

Plus we won’t charge you travel time and with our low hourly rate there’s no reason to put off maintenance.

Don’t wait until your business is “stranded” without technology.  Schedule your RSM visits to save money in the long run. Call Seattle IT Services in Seattle at {phone} or email us at: {email}  

Read our RSM Services Overview.


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