A Properly Designed Network Adds Value To Your Business. Professional Network Design for Seattle Businesses.

If your network isn’t designed correctly your business is set up for failure. Without a properly designed network you will encounter surprise downtimes and interruptions that cost you time and money.

Seattle IT Services can ensure your network is designed right from the ground up. Our Network Design Specialists will perform a thorough technology assessment, conduct interviews and research into your business needs and goals, and deliver insight based on our knowledge of the latest technology.

Your technology assessment will include:

  • A Business Needs Analysis.  We’ll interview your key executives to determine your needs and goals.
  • A Staff Technology Survey to find ways technology can increase productivity.
  • A Systems Audit and Analysis to determine the overall functionality and security of your network.
  • Prioritized Recommendations to improve your network design along with a cost/benefit analysis.

With a properly designed network your business will benefit from:

  • Streamlined technology,
  • Reduced costs for servers and devices,
  • Improved Internet connectivity and communications,
  • Guaranteed data backups, and
  • Increased security.

Seattle IT Services will provide a network design that aligns technology with your business objectives, takes your technology to the next level, and adds value to your business.

For a complimentary, no-obligation assessment of your network contact our Network Design Specialists in Seattle at: (206) 651-3000 or via email at: sales@seattleitservices.com

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Client Feedback

“We service the world, we are selling on 6 different continents and it’s a 24×7 business, that means the tools and the IT infrastructure have to be in place all the time for us to service our customers… …Seattle IT Services has earned our confidence, and our trust, so I’d recommend Mark and Seattle IT Services and his staff whole heartedly and without reservation.

—Mark Chamberlain
LKD Aerospace
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