Fixed-Rate Seattle IT Support Is Your Most Cost-Effective Choice.

Why pay more for downtime when you can pay less for uptime?

Many companies bill hourly for IT services. If you use them, when issues arise you’re faced with unexpected costs. They can charge up to $5,000 to resolve a network downtime. And this doesn’t include the costs you incur when your operations are shut down.

Seattle IT Services offers a better alternative. Based on industry needs and multiple requests from our most successful clients, we’ve created a comprehensive managed service package called Fixed Rate Service Contracts. Instead of being charged thousands of dollars, you will pay a predictable, affordable fixed monthly fee to ensure your technology stays up and running.

Would you rather pay $5,000 to a traditional IT service company, or pay a fixed monthly fee to avoid IT problems altogether. Without smooth operations, technology becomes an exhaustive expense.

Our Fixed-Rate Service Contracts:

Free up business resources. Having your inexperienced staff deal with IT-related issues is enormously inefficient and time consuming. By using a professional technology service provider like Seattle IT Services, your staff is free to focus on their unique job responsibilities and revenue-generating opportunities.

Reduce operating expenses. The value we provide goes far beyond cost reduction. On average, small and medium-sized businesses will spend up to 50% less with our Fixed-Rate Service Contract than hiring just one mid-level IT professional. With the help of Seattle IT Services, all costs are budgeted, planned, and controlled.

Help you get a technological edge over your competition. Seattle IT Services can help you take advantage of new technologies to help your business keep up with the competition and address competitive threats. We specialize in implementing the latest hardware, software, and network applications. Our capabilities help you move rapidly and speed your time to market.

Minimize downtimes. Even a small number of IT downtimes can end up costing a fortune. Seattle IT Services offers a tried-and-true approach to proactive maintenance, security, backup, and recovery, making costly downtimes a thing of the past.

Increase productivity. Seattle IT Services’ state-of-the-art technologies are delivered through file servers, central databases, broadband connectivity, and mobile platforms to enable communication, collaboration, and knowledge. These provide the increased productivity and operational efficiency your business needs and deserves.

Fixed-Rate Contents Our Fixed-Rate Commitment
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Comprehensive management and support for IT infrastructure
  • 24×7 monitoring of critical system components
  • Call-Routed help desk response to critical needs
  • Management of servers, network, workstations, mobile devices
  • Systems security and access controls
  • Scheduled management reviews to link business and IT support
  • Cost/benefit analysis of infrastructure options
  • Scheduled on-site time to perform maintenance and to support users
  • Software tools for visibility on work and for managing work priorities
  • Software that tracks end-user satisfaction and quality of work
  • Comprehensive management and support for IT infrastructure
  • Identify potential problems and resolve them before they occur
  • Provide a stable environment with maximum value to your business
  • Find new ways to use technology that will benefit your business
  • Provide high quality, measurable results
  • Smoother and more efficient operations
  • Single point of accountability
  • IT that fits your business
  • A team of experts for less cost than a single full time employee
  • A clear picture of systems status and work performance
  • No surprises
  • Technology plans that are synchronized with your business plans


Remember—You will spend up to 50% less with our Fixed-Rate Service Contract than hiring just one mid-level IT professional. To learn more, contact Seattle IT Services in Seattle at (206) 651-3000 or via email at:

Seattle IT Company
Client Feedback

“We service the world, we are selling on 6 different continents and it’s a 24×7 business, that means the tools and the IT infrastructure have to be in place all the time for us to service our customers… …Seattle IT Services has earned our confidence, and our trust, so I’d recommend Mark and Seattle IT Services and his staff whole heartedly and without reservation.

—Mark Chamberlain
LKD Aerospace
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