What Is Server Virtualization and Why Should I Consider It For My Business?

If your organization hasn’t yet implemented virtualization technologies, it soon will. Today close to 25% of all servers shipped worldwide are virtualized.  When a server is virtualized it makes better use of network storage.

With Virtualization Services from CyberStreams we’ll partition your physical server in to smaller virtual ones to maximize your server resources.  This way, each of the smaller virtual servers runs its own operating system.

The Benefits Of Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare

Virtualization increases your IT system’s efficiency, storage space and allows for faster deployment of solutions.  It also reduces your overall IT costs because you need less hardware, maintenance, energy and space.

CyberStreams, Inc. is a premier IT virtualization specialist. Our Virtualization Experts have in-depth experience and maintain many virtualization technical certifications with Citrix, Acronis, VMware, and Microsoft. CyberStreams designs, installs, implements, trains, monitors, manages, and/or maintains virtualized infrastructures of all kinds.

Save money and increase the power of your technology with Virtualization Services from CyberStreams.  The learn more, contact a CyberStreams Hyper-V or VMWare Virtualization Expert by calling {phone} or emailing us at: {email}

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