No matter the industry you represent, it is imperative that in the event of a natural disaster or some other unanticipated occurrence, your data will be recoverable. Seattle IT Services uses a unique system that backs up your data offsite so if something does go wrong you will be able to re-access your data quickly. You can rest assured that Seattle IT Services understands that your computers, your data, hardware, and if needed, your recovered systems are important to you. You can experience peace of mind knowing that we specialize in your system's health and performance.

Start or switch your data and backup recovery to Seattle IT Services and you will benefit because:

  • We’re on your side – We will defend your business from hacking or viruses so you can stay focused on the important issues.
  • We plan for unexpected issues – Things can happen anytime. Be prepared and protect your data today.
  • Do you want to wait until it’s too late? – Let us help by calling before an emergency strike.

Get peace of mind today.  Let Seattle IT Services set you up with a dependable backup and recovery plan today.