We Trust Seattle IT Services

Seattle IT Services has given us peace of mind because we are budgeted for a flat monthly fee that is affordable and that is what they charge us. Our previous IT experience involved an IT company fixing problems here and there but that ultimately cost us more money and left us waiting to hear from them when they had time to see us.

Switching our company to Seattle’s IT services Managed Services has provided us with a team of professional technicians which has resulted in less down time and many of our technical problems being dealt almost immediately.

Mark Turner General Manager
Everett, WA.

Communication I Can Depend On

When I realized that I needed to move my company to the cloud after a data breach, I was hesitant because I did not want to lose any of our data. The team at Seattle IT Services not only helped us move to the cloud, they also communicated with me throughout the entire process.  Knowing what I was getting myself into financially, and their continued professionalism has been critical to the success of my company.  Give them a call.

Martha Garcia Owner
Seattle, WA

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are a small local events company here in Seattle.  My team and I can stay focused because I know that Seattle IT Services is a company that I trust.  Their techs are personable and professional. Their response time is quick, and this was a sound investment for my company. We realized early on that a good low-cost IT service needed and we’re so happy to be with Seattle IT Services.

Ella Stern Owner
Kirkland, WA